Saturday, March 29, 2014

Welcome to my journey.

I have been considering this for awhile and decided to share my journey with you. I have been dieting for my whole life and am finally seeing results. Let me tell you about myself. I began this journey with my husband in July of 2011 when he was diagnosed with Type II diabetes and we changed our eating habits. I weighed in at 264 and by July of 2012 I was at 210.
Here's a pic of me at my heaviest.

By July 2012 I was at 222. But on July 16 I lost my husband in a tragic accident and lost my way.
In October 2013 I was at 210, not because of eating a healthy diet or exercising but just from the stress of life.

On March 10 with the support of my friend Lou I began my new journey and am determined to get to my goal weight of 165. Lou is on a journey of his own and has put a time limit of by November on us but I am just moving forward in baby steps. My first goal is to get to 199. Which will be the first time any many years that I have weighed less than 200. I will be posting a progression photo each week, here I am today.

If I can't be honest with myself then I can't help you or myself. So on March 10 I weighed 210. March 17 204.6, March 24. 206, and today I am 200.4.
Lou and I began by walking our dogs in the park 3 times a week. My dog and I loved it so much.(yes I have discovered I like exercise) that unless the weather is bad we are there every day. On bad weather days I ride my exercise bike and do a Richard Simmons video, which I will share with you later.
On Monday when I had gained weight I dropped my calorie count from 1600 to 1250. I have had periods of hunger and may go up to 1400, we will see.
To record my food intake I use the fitness pal AP, it makes it super easy in that you can scan the barcode off your food packaging and it records your calories for you.
I will use this blog as a journal of my weight loss and hope that I can encourage someone else along the way. I will post recipes and exercise videos or ideas along the way. If you have suggestions or questions I am more than happy to get them.
I am not a doctor, dietician or exercise guru, I am just on this journey with you. So please before starting any program consult your physician.
Now a little bragging on myself, in July 2011 I was wearing a 22W today I bought a pair of size 14 jeans. Yeah me!

Now to get rid of my muffin top which is there dressed or naked.

See you tomorrow

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  1. I am right there with you deb. I congratulate you on courage and dedication to fulfilling your journey..
    Good luck.